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Until his death on 3rd July 2012, Brian Eustacea was the principal instructor at the Tomiki Aiki Kai Stratford on Avon. He was a 9th Dan Taiho-Jutsu, 8th Dan Tomiki Aikido and 2nd Dan Judo. He brought the art of taiho-jutsu to this country and after he retired from the Police Service, devoted most of his life to teaching, developing and spreading his knowledge of taiho-jutsu and aikido throughout this country and abroad.
The loss of his knowledge, experiene and enthusiasm is felt by all BTJA and BAA members everywhere but especially at his own club - the Tomiki Aiki Kai Stratford on Avon.

This photograph is one of the last taken of Brian. It shows him proudly displaying the 8th Dan Tomiki Aikido Certificate that was presented to him by Kenji Tomiki's daughter. Very few non-Japanese have ever received this honour
Brian Eustace