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Taiho Jutsu
Taiho Jutsu or 'arresting art' was introduced in 1947 after a review by the Japanese Police. They were also responsible for producing the first official manual.
In 1973 Taiho Jutsu was introduced to the United Kingdom by Brian Eustace Sensei, when he was asked to review the self defence system for British Police Officiers.
In 1976 the British Police moved away from Taiho Jutsu in favour of a very simplified system of officer protection, which did not require regular training or practice to maintain proficiency.
The British Taiho Jutsu Association was formed in 1996 to provide an official association to which Taiho Jutsu clubs could be affiliated, creating a focal point for individuals and clubs around the UK.
For many years Taiho Jutsu was taught and practiced almost exclusvely by police officers. It was opened up to non-police students under the guidance of Sensei Eustace. It is an ideal martial art for anybody who wishes to feel more confident and more able to protect themselves from possible threats.
Brian Eustace